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Post-Vasectomy Instructions

(1) For the rest of the day following the operation sit down and put your feet up. DON'T go walking around the place, getting in and out of the car and doing unnecessary chores or shopping.  All these kinds of movements only increase the chances of bleeding.
  Some bruising or discoulouration and soreness is inevitable so don't worry about it.
(3)  A small amount of swelling may persist for months after the operation on one or both sides. Ignore it.
(4)  The day after the operation you can return to normal work but, of course, use common sense. If it hurts to do it, then stop and rest.
(5)  Vigorous activity, competitive sports can be resumed in a week or so, but, again, let common sense be your counsel.
Resume sexual activity whenever it is comfortable to do so.
Support the scrotum with firm underpants. Swimming trunks may also be helpful.
Shower ad lib. No baths for five days.
If you are worried about anything, contact your family doctor or me, Dr. Andrew Rynne, at 087 2559024
In general, and provided you are sensible, post-operative difficulties are quite rare indeed.
(11)  It is not unusual to notice traces of blood in the semen for a while after vasectomy. This will go away in a few weeks and should not be a cause for any concern.

Sperm Count
     It is not possible to give a 100% guarantee that the operation has been successful without having a negative sperm count to confirm this.  A reliable method of birth control must be used in the meantime.
     After 18 weeks, collect a sample. Results of this test will be posted. Post these to the address provided. The time between collection and delivery to the laboratory is not critical. Collect the semen by ejaculation directly into the container provided. Do not refrigerate specimen.
Results this test will be posted to you. In the meantime continue to use a reliable method of birth control. Do not assume that your sperm count has fallen to zero.



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