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Vasectomy Ireland -- the no waiting list vasectomy service!


Q Is vasectomy more reversible these days?
A Yes. With new IVF technology sperm weakened by antibodies can be treated. In this way about 75% of all vasectomies can be successfully reversed so as a pregnancy ensues. This clinic would be happy to refer you to the best specialists who undertakes this work.

Q Why does the doctor use tiny titanium clips that are left inside afterwards?
A Because by using these clips the chances of the vasectomy rejoining afterwards are reduced down to their absolute minimum of less than 1.0%. Also the clips reduce the incidence of post vasectomy haematoma or internal bleed.

Q Do I have any choice in this matter?
A Yes you do indeed. You can ask tthe doctor not to use titanium clips at all although you may be asked to sign a form saying that you understand that the omission of the clips may lead to an increased risk that the operation may fail to produce a negative sperm count.

Q Is vasectomy painful and how long does it take to complete?
A On average it takes about seven minutes to complete and once you have received the local anaesthetic you will feel nothing at all. Receiving the local is quite uncomfortable but remember it only lasts for a few seconds after which you feel nothing whatsoever.

Q Will I be laid up for long afterwards?
A The first twenty-four hours immediately after vasectomy are what’s important. These should be spent resting quietly on a settee watching TV or reading and not walking around the place. After that you can do more or less whatever you like within reason of course. If it does not hurt you at the time then it’s all right.

Q Are there any stitches inside or outside after a vasectomy?
A No there are no stitches inside or outside simply because there is no need for them and they only complicate things.

Is a vasectomy covered by any health insurance?
A Only St. Paul’s Insurance (Garda and prison officers) are covered for vasectomy. None of the others VHI, Quinn Health or VIVAS have the same amount of good sense and do not cover vasectomy even if it is medically indicated.

How effective is a vasectomy compared to other forms of contraception.
A Vasectomy is much more effective than condoms, the pill, the IUD, implants, injections or even female sterilisation. In a word vasectomy is the most effective form of permanent contraception that there is.

Are there any side effects or downside?
A Yes there are potential side effects as with any other operation. Bleeding (inside or outwards) is possible as is post-op infection. Both these days are thankfully rare. Long-term chronic pain is now exceedingly rare because the testicular end is left open. All in all postoperative problems are rare.


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